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"MINHAJ Advisory" is a Dubai based Sharia advisory firm specialized in providing Shari'ah financial advisory services, supervision, Sharia auditing, revision and training for Islamic and traditional financial institutions. It is the outcome of a partnership between Tharaa Holding and a number of most prominent scholars and specialists in the Islamic financial services industry world wide.

Advisory Services

    • Formation of Shari’ah Boards
    • Fatwa & Shari’ah Advisory
    • Shari’ah Financial Transactions Structuring
    • Supervisory & Audit Services
    • Shari’ah Review
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Accreditation and Strategic Partners

Minhaj Advisory built strategic relationships with international organizations, training centers and experts in Islamic finance to provide best services to customers.

Our Clients

In Minhaj, we believe that our deep knowledge of Islamic finance industry and our proven track record qualify Minhaj to work side by side with clients to achieve their goals.

معهد المحاسبين المعتمدين الباكستاني ومصرف باكستان المركزي

يستضيفان جلسات استماع مسودات معايير أيوفي بشأن “المرابحة والبيوع الآجلة” و”الهيئات الشرعية...


n Casablanca, September, AAOIFI and Bank al-Maghrib Co-Organize an International Conference, in partnership with the World Bank,

under the Theme: “Morocco: Islamic Finance Gateway to Africa and Europe”


AAOIFI launches a its peer-reviewed ‘Journal of Islamic Finance Accountancy’ (JOIFA)

and Issues Call for Papers


Knowledge Center "Fulfill your Contractual Commitments (أوفو بالعقود)"

A simplified definition of the most important provisions of the financial transactions (Arabic)

Prepared by Sheikh Dr. Abdul Sattar Abu Guddah

Click Here To Download The Book