Minhaj Advisory's broad and extensive experience enables us in providing valuable and more distinctive advisory services.

Minhaj Advisory has the expertise in financial and legal advisory to provide the following services:

  • Forming Shari’ah Boards for companies and financial institutions.
  • Structuring financial transactions that are in harmony with the Islamic Shari’ah provisions.
  • Shari’ah Consultations and Religious Opinions (Fatawa).
  • Organizing specialized training courses for Professionals in the financial sector.
  • Conducting the business of supervision and Shari’ah auditing.
  • Providing the Shari’ah revision service as an external party and giving an independent opinion about the extent of conformity of the institutions’ work with the decisions and fatawa of their Shari’ah Boards.
  • Offering consultations regarding the conversion of traditional financial institutions to work in compliance with Islamic Shari’ah, making the conversion plans, supervising their execution, and making available their requirements.
  • Providing consultation for the establishment of an institution or company conducting business in accordance with the Islamic Shari’ah.
  • Presenting the service of calculating the Zakat on funds to institutions, companies and individuals.
  • Organizing and preparing economic and banking conferences.