Minhaj Advisory aims to become a pioneering Academy; specialized in providing workshops, training and international certificates in Islamic finance industry, covering all its segments by cooperating with the well-known experts working in this field.

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Upraising the qualifications of Islamic finance practitioners to the level meets the industry name related to “Islam”, and applying what prophet Muhammad peace be upon him saying: “That God loves work if one of you to do it well”, and supporting Islamic bankers innovation; so that Islamic finance industry become more able to compete the conventional one world-widely.


  • Depending on well-known experts in providing its services, those combining between the Academic and practical aspects of Islamic finance;
  • Clients are first, and obvious elasticity in dealing with them;
  • Multi-lingual services;
  • Dubai based, means easy access and a hub for the middle east;


In achieving its goals; Minhaj depends on building a strategic win-win relationships with international organizations, training centers and experts in Islamic Finance industry to provide its services publicly, so supporting this industry. Our activities are:

First: Training Courses

1. International Certificates in Islamic Finance.

2. Introductory programs in Islamic Finance.

3. Advanced programs & workshops in Islamic Finance.

Islamic financial institutions

Islamic banking

Islamic financial markets

Islamic insurance (Takaful)

4. Customized Training:
These courses are built upon the institution’ needs and the services it offers; its content and details are determined by understanding the institution’ requirements.

5. Comprehensive courses:
this service is offered for “new emerging” or “converting to” Islamic finance institution, aims to prepare all the employees and cover all the divisions as per their needs and the services

Second: Events & Seminars

Minhaj organizes many Islamic finance events:
1. Annual seminars and forums.
2. Public awareness programs.

Third: Training Consultation in Islamic Finance

1. Training Consultation for Islamic Financial Institutions.
Minhaj offer training consultation for IF institutions which plan to train its employees on IF, either in-house training or by cooperating with training centers.

2. Providing Curriculum content for Academic institutions wishing to launch a major of IF: Minhaj can assist academic institutions which plans to open an Islamic Finance major as a qualification; by suggesting the curriculum or revising it.

3. Translation of Islamic Finance certificates:
Using its good relations with experts, Minhaj can translate the international qualifications to another language for the organizations issuing such qualifications and wishing to expand internationally.

Training Programs